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Explore and enjoy the benefits of chemical free natural and organic handcrafted personal care products; custom-made for you to experience at home or on the move. Isn't it time you had a skin you were naturally proud of?

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Improve your physical and psychological well-being.

We all know our skin dries out as we age ; it is one of the sure signs that you're getting older. Perfect skin starts with perfect soap in the skin care regime.

We never use any harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives , artificial dyes petroleum derivatives, animal fats nor fragrance oils. Our products are simply chemical free, natural and organic. Our philosophy at HEBB is that of pure naturalness, aimed at ensuring healthy body and mind with the use of 100% natural ingredients

Yes we understand the skin differences with every human and with our Hand-crafted approach we can be customize our products to meet your peculiar needs.

Freshness does not remain forever. Our products have a comparatively shorter life compared with their commercial counterparts. This is because they are completely natural with no synthetic preservatives. Once opened , our body creams and lotions should be used within 4 months, and our handmade soaps should be used within a year of purchase

Healing Earth can be located at 495/4, Dadebu Road, Nyaneba Estates or call 0545300714. We have well-informed experts who are always on standby to help you out?

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